my 4year old son behaviour


Laura - posted on 06/17/2013




I have 2sons my oldest kieran been 4 and the youngest tyler is 10moths old before my youngest came along my oldest was fully toilet traind he stil is during the day but when he goes to bed hes having to wear pyjamma pants doesnt getup to go toilet just wees in his nappy/pjamma pants all nite with out them he will constantly wet the bed all nite his behaviour has changed big time to he never does as hes told im foreva telling him of n then feel guilty because I dnt wnt him to feel pushd out etc over my 10month old baby the things he says to me is really bad ie im goin to kill you hes goin to throw things at my face he goes to spit always been rude about his penis its embarrising cus he does it in public to I dont why hes got like this he used to be such a good boy he but has changed everscince beeing at nurser and me having another baby

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