My 4yo son is a danger to his 2yo sister and other kids

Katie - posted on 11/12/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My names is katie 24yo, my son is called harry and is 4 yo and my daughter is called Ivy Lin 2. Where do i start....
Since around the age of 12 months i noticed unuseual behaviours from my son with such things as rocking whilst making noices. As he got older the rocking continued and he became agressive, to me, other people, animals etc... I went to my doctor about it at the early stages and they put it down to “terible 2's" but as hes got older it has got worse to a point where i am realy afraid hes goin to hurt his sister in a serious way. And it isnt down to jelousy whateva u might think because it isnt just with his sister, its other children at school, on the park, animals adults..... He doesnt like loud noises and public places, he has alot of energy 24/7 and thats why i think he actually does the rocking to burn it off. Its the little things aswell as the major things that i know that he has something wrong with him like he lines everything up like his toys, food, shoes almost anything he can. Everything has to be in a specific way with him like the way i make him a drink it has to be put a specific spot or all hell will break loose and bare in mind hes only 4 years old.
I have been going through the long process of trying to get him asessed and i am not geting anywhere. Hes had doctors, child sycoligists, cams, sure start, paediatrics and other sourses of so called help but nothing is getting me anywhere.. They said they have ruled out autism. They have ruled out other medical conditions through blood tests. And wen they rule these things out they close his case and exspect he will grow out of it when it is clearly geting worse. He is behind in school by about a year and with his behaviour to other children and the teachers they have reduced his days to a full day on a monday and half days the rest of the week and that is making him further behind. He clearly needs 1 to 1 and down to funding from the government its hard to get into school these days because of cuts.
He has hurt a number of children in school and does so on a regular basis and i feel they are waiting for a tradity to happen before they will realy listen to what i have been telling them for a long time.
Last year when my little girl was just turned 1 she was in her pram asleep and i was in the kitchen 2 mins and he was eating a yogurt with a spoon. He turned the spoon upside down and stabbed my poor little girl around her eye and thank god if it was half a cm to the side he could of blinded her on 1 eye. It was deverstating and sickening and a realy hard thing to deal with. She was in hospital for 3 days but luckily no major damage was done. Social services was involved after that and after 12 weeks took us of the child protection list and that was that. If thats not a close enough call to get something done i dont know what is. He constantly hurts his sister, pulling hair, hitting, kinking, pusting of chairs, pushing the pram over and many other things, and me and my boyfriend can never leave them alone together not for 2 seconds. But tonght in 1 slit second i caught him trying to push his thumbs into her eyeballs and im at my wits end with it and i have run out of ideas because nothing i do or say to him gets throuh to him and he will just keep behaiving this way and knowone out there is helping me and im gettin nowhere. He needs help fast (NOW) and i am wondering if anybody out there knows of anywhere or anyone who can help me or put me intouch with someone who can hep me. PLEASE HELP....
Thanks for reading, Katie.


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Get a second opinion. I work in the mental health community and what you are describing are definite signs of Autism/ Aspergers.

Ana - posted on 11/12/2013




Try gluten free diet, healthier more natural whole foods, less cooked ones, rule out allegies, see a nutritionist, and rule out any physical problems. Also be careful with vaccines, do not do any that are not life threatening, vaccines do have side effects and do not take more than one at a time. Do your research and protect your family. Kids that are specially wired have special needs so make sure you all are well fed, rested, and exercise outside to burn off energy. Use your children's intelliegence to communicate and learn, and a step at a time. Check out dr fred bisci on line and dr rapp and read and learn. If you want a well child you will have to get to the basics of what God meant us to eat and live by. THe simpler the better. Gluten free is not expensive, but you have to be careful what you eat and use good vitamins and get a good doctor to help with this. The state education department may have special programs for early intervention, call and find our, get support at churches and groups, or start one. Godspeed and keep the faith, you were chosen to be their mom because you can be their mom and God only makes beautiful things.

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