My 5 (almost 6) year old hits herself in the head and bites herself. I ask her why she does it, and she says she likes hurting herself.

Jennifer - posted on 08/29/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




We have 2 children. My son is almost 11 and my daughter is almost 6. We have a good home. My husband has a good job. We have both sets of grandparents close by, who are active in our family's lives. I worked most of my children's lives. But, spent all the time with my children that I could when I wasn't working. About 9 months or so ago, we made a life change, and I am now a stay at home mom. I am also starting my own photography business. (I worked for a photography corp. for almost 9 years). My children are most important in my life. We spend lots of quality time together. My son is actually from my husband's previous relationship. We have been together since he was 3, and I adopted him when we got married. I was never supposed to be able to have children. Dr.s don't know everything. And we were blessed with a beautiful little girl. It was a very traumatic pregnancy with my daughter. I was working and stressed all the time. But, I still managed to breast feed her til she was 7 months old. She had a rough 1st couple of years with health. High fevers, sinus infections, allergies and seizures. She contracted MRSA from the hospital when she was 1, and had 5 outbreaks in 2 years. She was tongue tied, and had her tongue clipped, speech therapy followed. She has come a long way, and is a mostly healthy child now. She is accademically advanced. She's in kindergarten and is doing early 1st grade work. We have tried to do everything "right" with our children. I must admit, that due to all the health problems and the fact that she is our miracle child, She is a little spoiled.

Last year she started throwing outragious and long tantrums. She would sometimes scream and cry for 3 ours. She would just start crying for no reason at all, and just say she was sad. It got so bad at preschool, that we had to start seeing a behavioral specialist. She helped a lot, and when I quit my job,my daughter started getting better and not throwing so many fits. But, over the last couple of months, she has started hitting herself in the head when she's frustrated or even just excited about something. And, then she started biting herself when she gets mad. When I ask why she does it, she says she likes hurting herself.

My biological father and his family have a history of mental illness. He was labeled a psychopath, and was locked up in the mental ward of the VA a few times. My brother and sister also have some issues .My sister is a cutter. My biological father died a year before my daughter was born, and my siblings have very little if any contact with my children. I myself, when I was a kid/teen was very suicidal. I was in therapy from the age of 10 - about 16. I am worried that it may somehow be genetic or something. I don't know what to do. We have given her many outlets to relieve her frustrations. And, we are very big on letting our children express their feelings and not keep it all bottled inside. They have access to people to talk to at school and other family members.

I am so worried about her. She is so young, and her life is good, why does she want to hurt herself. What scares me more is that she says she likes it. Please help.

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