My 5 month old baby girl wakes up screaming every time she wakes up what can this be?


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Jay - posted on 05/01/2014




It is possible your daughter is having night terrors. Most commonly, you would look for signs that she cannot be aroused during the episode and cannot remember the incident the next morning.

I am a researcher at Stanford University and I am working with a team to find a treatment for night terrors in children. As you may have seen, there is not too much clinical research on the causes and effects of night terrors. My team is conducting an investigational study for a new treatment option at the Stanford Sleep Clinic. We are recruiting patients in northern California for our study and we are also conducting a survey to try and gather more information from parents of affected children. If you think your child is experiencing night terrors, please visit and help us learn more about the condition. Thanks for your help.

Amanda - posted on 03/13/2014




My son does this occasionally at first I thought it was because he couldn't find me because he always looks for me, then later found out that he has night terrors even during the day. I always thought because his eyes were open he was awake which isn't always the case.
Could be a different case with you daughter, sorry if this isn't helpful.

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