my 5 month old baby girl will only fall asleep/stay asleep if someone is holding her. She wakes up the minute you put her down. any suggestions?


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Katie - posted on 03/06/2014




We used to rock ours to sleep until she was almost a year (kept rocking for about 20 minutes after she fell asleep to be sure she was asleep.) Yes, it was a lot of work.

Our other child just fell asleep so quickly on their own. Never needed our help at all.

We read a book by a pediatrician on how to let them cry themselves to sleep, and how to just go in every 20 minutes or something and pat them and tell them good night again. And if they threw up on themselves, clean it up and put them back to bed. We went through 3 hours of this, including 2 throw up episodes. We just went back to "spoiling her."

When she hit about a year, we would put her in her crib and sit next to it and pat her back through the railing til she fell asleep, and if she asked us to hold or rock her, we would just say no, only patting. (Believe me, I know how codependent this sounds.) After about a week of that, we would just sit next to the crib for a few days (reminding her, if she asked, "no patting. time for sleep". It was all a weaning process. The next day we moved away from the crib a foot or two. The next day, another foot, and so on, until we were outside the door, where she couldn't see us but could hear us repeat "time for sleep," if she were to call out. Within a few days, we didnt' need to be by the door. We would yell it from our bedroom. (I used to read a book with a mini book light clamped onto my paperback. Nowadays, I'd be on my phone. ;)

Is this craziness? Probably. Do I regret it? No. She's a well adjusted teenager who is very independent and takes great care of herself. Would I have started the weaning process much sooner, if I could? YES!! lol But the slow process made it so much easier for her, and that part, I don't regret. :D

Margaret - posted on 03/06/2014




Check she has no underlying medical issues like reflux, boobs aren't producing enough milk etc. If not, you've got to cruel to be kind. Put her down and let her cry for a while, gradually increase this over time, until she gets use to it. There is a lot of argument over this issue yet I wouldn't risk rolling over on my child in bed or losing it because I haven't had enough sleep. Remember sleep depravation is still used as torture in many countries. Use your commonsense. I truly don't believe its going to affect her psychologically. I'm sure your not going to leave her in the cot and take a stilnox! A joke by the way!! :) Good luck!

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