My 5 month old daughter started Oatmeal Cereal and is not pooping.

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She started on Nov.27.2010 (5month Birthday as the doctor said we could) she loves to eat and has fun doing so. The only problem is she has not had a poop for a few days, the last poop I cleaned was on Thursday, my husband say he may have cleaned one on Saturday, there has been some wet and smelly farts but no real poops, she does not seem to be in any pain and is herself maybe a little more crying but I believe she maybe teething as well could this also be a factor to not pooping? I am starting to get worried and have been looking online and have found a few helpful tips, like tummy massage and bicycle legs and prune juice but I don't know how much I should give her or if this is normal. Please help


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Try introducing her to some veggies like green beans, sweet potato(anything with high fiber), than you can mix some of them in with her cereal in the morning. It worked well for us.


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Give tablespoon of pure olive oil with mashed avocado. Or just olive oil on its own then something yummy right after because of the taste. Morning and night and then I put my son on jolly jumper for a bit and he goes that day or right in jolly jumper.

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Try not to worry, our first son who is 2 1/2 now still has problems with this. Try the prune juise and veggie idea as suggested below. Once they get older you will be able to give prune juice and other high fiber foods to help them through this.

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Samantha was being fussy tonight so we to her to emergency and she is perfectly fine just need to lay off the cereal for a few days and change it as well and give her some apple juice.

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Thanks every one for the great tips, I have just talk to teleahealth and rthe nurse said not to be worried since adding new food can cause her not to poop if she doesn't have one today or tonight I will try some prune juice tomorrow. Thanks again Moms!

Laura - posted on 12/06/2010




When my daughter was a baby we used tummy massage and bicycle legs, which later became known as "push/pull", for gas and constipation. She still uses these methods for gas relief (she's 12, BTW). You can use about a tablespoon of prune juice in her formula or mixed with some water. Olesya's suggestion of mixing a bit of veggie in her cereal is excellent, too (we used this method as well with our daughter).

If your daughter is going through a growth "spurt", she will be using most of what she eats for energy and may not poop as regularly. Teething can also effect their eating and pooping habits, so that is something to consider. If you have any doubts or concerns you should always consult with your doctor or pediatrician. They may be able to prescribe medicine (stool softener) if they feel it's neccessary. If your baby doesn't seem to be in pain, try the other suggestions in the meantime. Hope this helps and good luck!

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