My 5 month old has had diarhea, blood in stool for 5 weeks!

Briana - posted on 09/28/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 5 month old started having issues right after I stopped BF him (5 weeks ago) and switched to straight formula. We went through 4 different kinds, premium infant, gentle ease, prosobee, nutramagin and now on neocate. He started 5 weeks ago having BMs 5-8 times a day, a big change from the once every 2 days while BF'ing, he had traces of blood in his stool so I freaked and called his pediatrician. They have ran every fecal test and all came back negative. His blood work showed a high WBC and EOS, meaning he was fighting something, more than likely an allergy to proteins which is why they switched him to Neocate. We have been on it a week with no change, still going 10-12 times a day, mostly watery with traces of blood. He isn't dehydrated and acts happy for the most part which is the most frustrating part. His dad and I are a mess because as you can imagine going 10-12 times a day leaves little time to sleep. We have another appt next week to go over a scope procedure which I hope can tell us what is causing this. Has anyone dealt with this???

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