My 5 year old baby girl started kindergarden

Ashley - posted on 08/23/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




My Kaylee started school last Friday on the 19th. On Friday I dropped her off and she was smiling and when I left she started crying and throughout the day she cried several more times, mostly she said because she and her class were walking through the school meeting the other teachers. ( art teacher,music ect. . .). She cane home and said she had a fun day at kindergarden, but then On the following Monday when I dropped her off she was crying soon as she sat down at her table. She was begging me not to leave. :( poorbaby I didn't want to leave. I told her i loved her, have a good day, and ill be there in a few to pick her up and itll be fun. Today, on Tuesday she cried a little when I woke her up this morning to get ready and she continued crying on the ride to school and when we got in her class she was still crying. I told her to have fun I love you and I'll be there to pick her up later. I left. When I picked her up after school she was happy and she said she had fun. About an hour later she starts crying and looking very sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't want to go to any other class (music/gym)that she only wants to stay in her homeroom all day. I don't know what to think of it. Why she would only want to stay in her homeroom class alday. At first she didn't even want to eat in the cafeteria but she's almost passed that. Or recess. I keep reassuring her that I will be there to pick her up, and everyhing will be fine, shell have fun . she agrees for a little while then shell go back to being sad. . . ?


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Michelle - posted on 08/26/2016




I agree with Jodi.
She has been with you every day for 5 years!!! Of course she will be upset. Give her time and she will be fine. You are doing the right thing by giving her a kiss and leaving. If you hung around and prolonged you leaving then I would be telling you to stop.
She will be fine, it's just a big adjustment all of a sudden.

Can I just give you a suggestion, if you have younger children or plan to have any more, please get them used to being away from you before they start school. Even if it's daycare 1 day a week, it's makes a big difference.

Jodi - posted on 08/25/2016




That's the problem. She has never been away from you. She's just adjusting. She's used to being with you all day. Of course she is having trouble coping with such a major change. You need to give it time.

Ashley - posted on 08/25/2016




She has never went to preschool, she's never had a sleep over anywhere. She still won't go to her grandparents' houses. Never had a babysitter. She has been with me since day one. Tomorrow will be day five. Today she cried when I dropped her off and took her 10 minutes after I left to calm down. She had to sit with our little neighbor girl (her friend) to get through class. Her teacher even let her her call me while in class. She just wanted reassurance that I was going to be there after school to pick her up. I hope its just the jitters. Will she ever like going to kindergarten? She always tells me after school that she has fun but when its time for bed and she knows she has to go the next day she says she really don't like it and doesn't want to go

Dove - posted on 08/23/2016




She's just started. Give her time to adjust. Her behavior is quite common. Did she go to preschool? If so... how was that?

My son used to freak the heck out in preschool, but his crying at school was over well before he started K. At home was/is another story entirely. He's in 3rd grade now and still starts most mornings w/ an 'I am not going to school today' statement. Oh such fun. @@ lol

When he WAS in K there was at least one or two other little kids that were still crying at drop offs by the second semester. The teachers are used to it happening w/ some.

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