My 5 year old daughter calls her Dad's new girlfriend mom. I know I shouldn't let this get to me, but it does. My daughter's father and I had a bad split, to say the least and he has fought very hard to limit my time with her since. It's been hard but Ive kept a postive and good relationship with my daughter. My daughter has been encouraged by her father and his girlfriend to call them her parents and the girlfriend mom. I spoke about this in court and they were ordered not to have my daughter call the girlfriend mom, but little has come of it. Ive tried talking with my daughter about how I am mom, and have explained how she was in my belly. But my daughter gets mad and yells at me. Ive fought so hard to be in my daughters life. I don't know what to do, my feelings are really hurt. Please help, any advice?


Ashley - posted on 12/11/2012




This is a shity situation and there is no winners in this kind of situation, my best solution is to try to inbrace your daughters choices even if it sucks, you can ask your daughter to refure to her dads gf as mommy x but making her feel bad is only going to harm your amazing relationship with her. In time things may change but if not you want your daughter to talk to u about everything but if she feels like she has to defend x then she may not talk to you. Same goes on the other side if they talk about you nagetivly she will have the same reaction. As a mother and a step mom I have never told my sd to call me mom she has ocasionly but normaly calls me by my name and honestly it can be uncomfurtble when out and about with three kids and someone says what nice kids and she pipes up shes not my mom lol then i have to go into a dial log about my situation. Its not that i want her to pretend im her mom or anything its just some times its polite just to say thank you we all no the situation thats all that matters. On the other hand i have a son who is being forced to call my ex dad long story not his dad and this really pisses me off because its not my sons choice he's being forced but i have learnt to ignore it a lot i have already explained and i dont want to upset my son anymore then necassary so for now i wait. Anyway long post good luck

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