My 5 year old daughter has very poor appetite

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Hi all moms,

I have my 5 year old daughter as well as 6 months old daughter, and I am working women too, now a days my life has become very stressful life, my 5 year old daughter she doesn't want to eat anything, no food, no junk items, every time I need to force her to eat, drink milk, in every food 1st thing she feels nauseating, after that also If I feed her she'll vomit sometimes, when she is hungry also she'll not tell that she is hungry she need something to eat, whatever I give her to eat, 1st she'll refuse to eat, when I force her to eat she'll cry, then she act as a nauseating, most of the time she don't vommitt but for each and every bite she shows that she is nauseating, then after seeing this I'll stop feeding her thinking that whatever she has eaten may be she'll take it out..and she is used to eat dust (not mud), wherever she sees dust, she'll make sure she'll eat, if I have kept my eyes on her also she'll make sure she'll go out and eat from the gate or the doors or walls, I have put de warm medicine also but no use, I gave Iron syrup also but no use, she has the very bad habbit of biting nails, whenever I saw I told her very lovingly, I have scolded her, I have beaten her, but no use... I am very very tense because of her day by day she is loosing her wait, she is becoming stubborn, because of her I am not able to concentrate on my 6 months old daughter as well as on me.....please please please suggest me something....


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Noorul - posted on 01/02/2013




Hi Anne,
This is not todays or yesterdays problem, this is happening when she was 6 months old only, she never wants to drink the milk, she use to trouble like anything, all my relatives use to say day by day she'll learn to drink and eat, but till know she has the same problem, I have told to my doctor too he said in this age her wait is just 1 kg lesser than the normal wait, then I asked about the nauseating he said she is perfect, in some kids they'll mindset that, if they eat vomit will come. but I now how much she eats, and how much she troubles to eat, she doesn't have the habbit of drinking water, for that also I need to force her to drink, she don't have the constipation problem, whenever she'll go to pass the stool, immediately in one short she'll pass and she'll come. this is only the good habbit in her, in every 2 weeks she'll fall sick, severe fever,big tonsills, throat infections, in one month twice I need to take her to the doctor, that too sever fever will be there with the throat infection, obviously doctor give the anti-biotic medicine to come down the fever..

I'll beat her sometimes because I'll get irrigate when she'll not eat, if she has not eaten cooked food but if she is ready to eat some fruits,salads I am very happy to give her fruits but first thing she'll say big NO for each and every item. now I am not able to give time to her, because of the second baby but before my full time was only for her but still at that time also her problem was the same as now..

I am really very very worried about her health..

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You're beating your child because she hasn't eaten??? That seems very extreme to me. I honestly think there is one or two things going on. The first one being that food has become the one thing she can control. It sounds like there is a power struggle between the two of you and this is the one she can win at because you can't force her to eat. How long ago did this start? Was it about the time the new baby was born, do you still spend one on one time with her that doesn't involve focusing on food?

If you don't feel it's become a power struggle and you still spend time alone with her without the baby then I would get her to the doctor. Anne is right it could be something like Celiacs disease, or some other food allergy that is causing the problems.

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Have you thought about constipation? Children may be constipated with stools backed up in their bowel, and still pass poo. Her stools need to be like thick sausages. If you can, check out the Bristol stool scale online - it shows you pictures of what good healthy stools look like.
Your daughter needs to drink lots of water - I wouldn't offer her any food for a couple of days - just water. See if that helps. If she asks for food then give her something really healthy - salad, or fruit.
Maybe consider getting her tested for Coeliac?
Also, if increasing water doesn't help, and she continues to want to eat sange things, then you need to get her checked out by the Dr. Something is not right.

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