my 5 year old daughter is seeking "daddy" attention

Michele - posted on 10/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughters father and I are about to finalize our divorce, and 2 months ago he moved out of state (from NY to KY). although we hadn't been living together for over a year, he was a mere 20 min away and had her every weekend, and usually 1 night during the week.

Since he hasn't been here, I have family and other trusted family friends watch her when I work. One of my aunts who watches her is a rape/molestation victim, and is EXTREMELY over protective of my daughter. When they are out she is like a hawk watching her, and because of this I trust her observations about my daughter bc her attention is undivided.

Apparently, recently, my baby has been trying to talk to men she sees, usually with kids of their own, and ask them to play with her, or be her daddy, or spend the day with her. My aunt has seen her do this 3 times, and before these 3 instances no one in my family has mentioned this behavior happening, and she definitely doesn't do it with me.

I'm worried. For the same reason any parents would be. I spoke to her about it, her aunt did, my father did, my daughters father had a talk with her...and she SAS she understands and then does it again. I need her to understand that 1. She has a daddy who loves her just can't be here. Just because he's not here doesn't mean she has no father. 2. That strangers are NEVER to be spoken to and that it's incredibly dangerous to even go up to one! I'm truly upset/terrified. I don't know how to get her to understand and get her to listen. Advice?


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