My 5 year old girl won't wipe her butt!

Randi - posted on 11/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I saw a lot of posts about this and I want to clarify - I don't do it for her, but neither will she! Poopy underwear every day, even when we remind her. The only thing that works is running in there when the toilet flushes and making her bend over to check. I have a three year old and an infant, there is NO WAY to catch her every time! I have tried talking about it calmly (she says she just "doesn't want to" or "I don't know" and I have tried yelling and showing her poopy underwear and telling her how gross it is. I'm at my wits end and we are now trying VERY tough love and sent her to bed in a diaper. She is horrified, and hopefully this will get her to at least TRY because I threatened to send her to school in a diaper if she doesn't wipe and I really don't want to carry that one out. Help!!!!


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Gena - posted on 11/06/2013




I like Cecilias advice,i was also thinking of suggesting those flushable wet whipes,i know here we get them special ones for kids that smell like strawberry and are in a cool looking box.

Cecilia - posted on 11/06/2013




Personally, I don't know if this is a situation where degrading punishment is the answer here. I would honestly think the logical answer would be to have her clean the underwear so she can understand what you feel like. Empathy. Very important thing to teach ( and remember to do ourselves)

Her saying "doesn't want to" have you asked her why? She might have gotten some on her hands before and is worried about it. Possibly it hurts when she does it. Many times when children say "i don't know" it means they don't want to tell you.

Have you tried any sort of compromise? Buy her flushable wet wipes, she might prefer those. I think even asking her to shower after she goes to clean off might work also. With the shower, i would explain she needs to clean well and rinse the rag she uses before putting it in the dirty laundry.

Also talk to your doctor about it, it might be a medical problem. You never know, hemroids or many different things that keep her from doing it, or maybe she is wiping and it's leaking.

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