My 5 year old has major anxiety about being forgotten or left out. This started when our youngest was born 20 months ago. We tried everything to communicate that he has not been replaced but he just continues to whine and cry about everything. It's become miserable for everyone.

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What tools could we use to build him, help him feel secure but also communicate that his out bursts whining isn't the way to act?


Lindsay - posted on 06/10/2012




i've not long had a baby daughter (she's 13 weeks) and i have my other daughter who's 3 and a half. it's not been easy but everything seems to be settling down now. i schedule time in with just me and my daughter without the baby, for example we go swimming every weekend. i make sure i tell her i love her everyday and give her lots of hugs and kisses. we tried to ensure her routine was disturbed as little as possible when the baby arrived. she still goes to bed the same time each night and has her stories for example. and whilst i understood why she was acting up (and still does when the mood takes!) i refused to let her get away with it. she understands what behaviour i find unacceptable and understands the consequences if she continues to misbehave. obviously there are times when she still really plays up but i haven't given any allowances due to the arrival of the baby and she does seem much more settled and secure now.
when she starts whining we refuse to communicate with her ubtil she stops, i say i can't understand you because you're whining, stop whining and talk to me properly, and just repeat myself until she stops.
this has worked for us i don't know how helpful it is for your situation but hope it helps
good luck x

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