My 5 year old is a stubborn little man and will not eat or even try anything except chicken nuggets and the such. Dinner time is a huge battle, I have tried everything and I am tired of fighting with him. Should I just let him eat what he will? Or make him sit there and force him?


Sarah - posted on 01/30/2012




We offer our children what we're eating. It's their choice to eat or not. If they choose to not eat, they certainly won't starve until the next meal. If they're hungry, they'll eat. I don't think that mothers are a restaurant, and I don't think that the kids should be made a special meal because to cater to their every whim, I think it sets a dangerous precedent for other issues.

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I think you need to stand firm. Make him his meal, the same food the rest of the family, offer it to him and if he refuses to eat, he can go lie down or some other boring way to pass the time until the family has finished their meal. If he is hungry later on, reheat his meal and offer it to him again. Tough love. Eventually he will be hungry and will eat. Children will not let them selves starve. He'll probably be pretty hungry by day number two and realize that you mean business.


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Ianina - posted on 01/30/2012




Don't fight, just put your foot down.

Put a plate in front of him with whatever you are having for dinner. He won't stave himself, kids don't do that

He eventually will eat whatever is in front of him

Good luck

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