"My 5 year old is not sleeping all night what can i do to make her sleep?"


Rebekah - posted on 10/18/2012




Can you give a few more details? How long is she sleeping before she wakes? Is it nightmares? Is it a need to use the bathroom? Is she a light sleeper/bothered by noise? Is this a recent change, or has she always been a poor sleeper?

No TV or computer an hour before bed. Limit liquids before bed so she doesn't need to get up for the bathroom. Hope this goes without saying, but no caffiene or tons of sugar close to bedtime. Use a soothing, predictable routine before bed to get her mind/body prepared for sleep. Talk about pleasant things before bed and/or give her a chance to share any worries that she might have so that she isn't too bothered by worrisome thoughts in the night. Use a fan or white noise machine to reduce other noises in the house/neighborhood that might wake her.

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