My 5 year old is out of control and I dont know what to do

Tammy - posted on 07/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My child is an angel in school and other places but with me at home she out of control she doesnt do anything I ask her to do and she screams and ear pricing crys and dont want to go to sleep. And she says I am mean to her when I put her in time out and she trows a fit when I put her in time out, I ask the doctor if them could put her on adhd but they wont and I cant do anything with her I love her and I can handle this anymore what can I do where do I go for help,


Jodi - posted on 07/13/2013




If she is an angel at school and only doing this at home, your daughter can control her own behaviour and is NOT ADHD and doesn't need medication. So I don't blame the doctors for refusing. This appears to be a discipline issue.

Is time out her only consequence? Because at this age, time out shouldn't be a consequence in itself. It isn't linked to the behaviour and is teaching her nothing. In our house, time out is used for just that - some time out to cool down and consider our actions so that we can then discuss the actual consequences of the behaviour.

Consequences need to be either natural or logical. So, for instance, let's say you've asked her to put her toys away and she refuses and carries on with behaviour, you remove the toys altogether and she doesn't get them back at all (or she earns them back by changing her behaviour when you ask her to do things).

You can link chores around the house to the fact that the whole family has to contribute to things so we can have all these nice things, like the TV, the computer, etc. Failure to help out means you haven't contributed to those nice things, so you don't get to use them.

These are just examples. But time out shouldn't be THE consequence.

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