My 5 year old misbehaves in school. I think he may have ADHD. He hits, kicks, does whatever he can to get everyone's attention. He is in kindergarten and been in the principals office several times. The principal wants to put him on a half day schedule. My husband and I both work so that would force one of us to quit working and that's not good. I have an 8 year old daughter. I've tried everything with my 5 year old son. I'm spanked him, taken things away, talked and gave positive reinforcement. We have a doctors appointment Wednesday. This is his second appointment in 7 months for his behavior. He misbehaves at home sometimes, but it can easily control it. He talks a lot and he is always full of energy. I put him in t ball to try and let him work off some of the energy, but it didn't work. He would follow instructions there either. This problem at school is taking over my life. I'm afraid if I don't do something they will kick him out. Would I hurt my son if I medicate him?


Jasmine - posted on 08/29/2014




maybe you can try something called "the sticker system" its where he cant watch tv or have any treats and anything extra until he gets seven stickers. you get stickers every day if you earn one by being respectful and by the end of the week if there are seven stickers then he can go back to a regular schedule. good luck!

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