my 5 year old son cries or gets angry when he is frustrated or told no


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Jeanine - posted on 07/26/2013




Thanks Evelyn for your support. I am doing all of what you mentioned and will continue to. Take care. Jen

Ev - posted on 07/25/2013




That is a part of life. He has to learn that you are not going to give into his demands, let him have what he wants when he wants it, get his way over things, and he has to learn to control his anger or frustrations. It takes time but he will learn that you mean no when you say it. He has to also be told what is expected of him such as when you go to the store make it plain that you are only getting the things needed and nothing else so he does not expect it. If he asks for something tell him no. If he tosses a fit, leave. He is not going to learn unless you stick to your guns.

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