My 5 year old son is having trouble listening at school

Christina - posted on 03/07/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5 year old started school in August for the 1st time. Due to circumstances beyond my control he was unable to attend PreK. So when he started school he had a small adjustment period but then was fine. Now all of a sudden he is getting in trouble in class for not listening, won't do his work and is goofing off. To be honest he is truly falling behind no matter how much I work with him so I understand some of him not doing his work is because he does not understand what is being given to him. He started school with a blank slate and now knows all his letters, knows about 50 words and can add and subtract. He is not where he should be but is trying hard and does extra work besides his homework daily, even on weekends. This behavior is coming out of no where and he is usually a very quite reserved child at school. I will say we have had some serious issues with him being bullied in class. A classmate pushed him down and he busted his nose on the floor a few months back. And then another kid in class stabbed him with a pencil and he did not tell for some reason. Then about 2 weeks ago he came home with poo in his pants where he had an accident at lunch and he said he cleaned up and then when he went back to class he raised his hand many times to talk to the teacher or the helper and was never called on. He went 6 hours with mess in his pants. For the life of me I cannot understand why he did not feel comfortable speaking out of turn in an emergency or how the teachers did not smell it or notice his pants. I am so lost here with his behavior. He is such a good boy and usually listens very well. I have also noticed that he started out loving school and now he wants to know daily how much longer until school is out for spring break and then summer. I am not sure what I should do. We use a stop light at home for his behavior and only reward good behavior and we do time out for bad behavior. Like I said his non listening behavior has come out of no where. Please help!! He is my only boy I must say and has a 12 year old sister and 18 month old sister.


Sarah - posted on 03/07/2016




How did you address the issue of the accident and no assistance cleaning him up? What is the school policy on bullying, it should be zero tolerance and your son should feel safe in disclosing if he is being harmed. If you aren't getting any answers from the teacher, keep moving up the chain until you do get a response. He's is kindergarten, he doesn't sound behind academically from what you describe and why does he get homework daily, on weekends or any at all? Maybe pushing him to do too much is making him feel pressured and anxious. He's 5, learning should be fun, not tedious.

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