My 5 year old son's kindergarten teacher called him a CRY BABY in front of the class.

Karen - posted on 01/30/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son came home from school Friday and told me that his teacher called him a "cry baby" in front of the class. They were in a reading group and it was his turn to read from a stapled packet. He could not find the correct page and he started to fumble to papers and then proceeded to cry. She said, "We need to start over because of this cry baby!" I emailed the teacher this weekend knowing she would not get it until today. I asked, " My son said you called him a cry baby. What happened?" I was not meanand left the door open to discussing the situation on a level playing field. I have yet to get a response and she has always answered my emailed very promtly within the hour or two. PLUS today he came home with an "F" because he did not fold his paper! Nothing else, but because he did not fold his paper. There were a lot of things he could hvae gotten wrong. Now I think she is going to be unjustly hard on him.

I do not think this is right. My thoughts are it gives the rest of the class/kids the license to call him names as well. Also, it sends a message that it is okay to bully someone if they are weak. A kindergarten teacher should NOT do this! Pull him aside and talk to him. What are your thoughts? I need some advice. THANKS!


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Wow! .....maybe you should walk into staff room and ask her if she enjoys beiing a insensitive bitch.....This behaviour is unprofesional at the least from a teacher and a appoligy is in order from her to your son and the class.....It's bullying........My older daughter was always called the class artist from JK on ...She still remembers her kindergarten teacher looking at her picture when she was doing it and saying " that's not how real artists do it" Can you imagine.......My daughter never told me until years later....poor thing.....she hated that teacher and she was none to impressed with school ether untill high wonder with teachers like that


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Krista - posted on 01/30/2012




I think you handled it very well so far, by calmly asking her what is going on and not being accusatory.

However, she has not responded to this in a professional fashion.

I would advise you to ask to meet with the principal privately. Express your concerns, what your son said, what you wrote to the teacher, her lack of a response, and the subsequent F(who the heck gives an F in kindergarten! That's bizarre!) Are you close enough with any of his classmates' parents that you could call them and ask if their kids also remember him being called a cry-baby? Your assertion might carry more weight that way.

The key in this is to remain rational, but express your very grave concern that a kindergarten teacher thinks that it is appropriate to humiliate her students and call them names.

Hopefully you will get some resolution with the principal. But you will need to be on your guard. A teacher who is unprofessional enough to call a 5-year-old a cry-baby is probably not above being petty and vengeful, and taking it out on your son. So you'll need to be vigilant, and hopefully, your son goes to a large enough school that changing classes is an option if needed.

Good luck!

Kristin - posted on 01/30/2012




I would go straight to the principle with that one. If the principle doesn't do anything go to the board. Teachers are the LAST ones to be calling kids names. That is unacceptable.

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