My 5 year old talks back to me!!

Deshawnah - posted on 07/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




How should I show/teach him to respect me without me yelling at him to not talk to me that way. It seems if I tell him "you don't talk to me that way" in an angry tone he'll get teary eyed and than listen for a moment. If I say it in a calm tone he'll just walk away. I was raised with the belt and I don't want to do that with my kids because it may have been effective for me when I was a child but its not for everyone and not the same method I would use on my kids. Any suggestions?


Ev - posted on 07/14/2013




Has he always been like this? Have you worked with him on talking to you nicely? If you have not done so yet, how can you expect him to not talk to you in this fashion. YOu need to be teaching the child the right way to talk to you from day one. You need to set rules and consequences for this. If he talks to you in a rude manner, then you can tell him until he can talk nicer you do not want to hear it. If he continues, you can make him go to his room until he calms down and can talk better. But you always need to tell him what kind of behavior you expect from him and follow through with it. If you have not done this until now you need to get it going or he is going to think he can do this with everyone. Also respect has to be earned too...not just by him but by you as well.

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