My 5 year old won't stop talking in class

Brijette - posted on 11/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know that kids who are 5 or around 5 are typically pretty talkative but my son's teacher complains about it daily and gives him a red yarn necklace because of it sometimes she'll write a note on a red card.. I've talked to my child about it telling him while in class he is to " listen, learn, pay attention & be quiet" he knows BUT says he likes to talk.. His brain tells him to talk... wat should I do or how can I get him to understand that he can't talk in class? I've already told him I'd go up to his class and sit in...yeah... that didn't work (FAIL) lol I believe that because he talks and doesn't listen in class his teacher decided to side against him being taken out of Tk and put into kindergarten although he is smart and academically ahead of some kids in kindergarten


Chet - posted on 11/06/2014




The only person who can really do anything about this is your son's teacher. He's only five. A discussion / lecture / reminder from you isn't going to help when he gets home at the end of the day.

Chronic talkers don't talk at school because they don't know the rules - they do it because it's a habit, there's lots of temptation, they're still learning self control, they aren't otherwise in engaged, it's a coping strategy that they've developed, etc. The teacher needs to work with your son on this. More than just a note or a necklace as a consequence, she needs to really work to understand why you son talks and what will help him to talk less.

Is it possible for you to get your son out of transitional kindergarten and into regular kindergarten? If he's academically ahead more challenging work may help. Or he may just do better with a teacher who has better skills or motivation to work with your son on this behaviour.

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