My 5yr old daughter asked about her brothers morning wood!!

Marlene - posted on 01/18/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




This morning my daughter noticed her brother had a morning wood and she asked him, whats that? He just told her nothing stop. She then tried to hit him there to see what was in there. She tells him i know it's tissue in there lol. I could not hold in my laughter! So now i know she will really notice it all the time and keep asking. So i know I'm going to have to tell her something but i don't know what to say to a 5 year old!! Please help!!


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Raye - posted on 01/19/2015




Ali is a troll. Her posts today have her son up a tree, one daughter shaving all her hair off and the other 12 y/o daughter having sex in a public bathroom. She's made inappropriate comments to other's serious posts. She's either a troll, or she needs to have all her kids taken away from her and get psychiatric help..

Ali - posted on 01/19/2015




Well. He obviously needs serious help! If he is doing it like randomly and I am a nurse myself. Take him to the hospital now!!!!!

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