My 5yr old grandson not talking...3 yr birth delayed from a doctors error


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Cindi - posted on 12/08/2013




Thank you Jody,,,,My daughter n law's gynecologist let her go 45 weeks, yes 45 weeks, and then he decided to induce her, and she went another 37 hours in labor. I was her coach, as well as my son..She then had an emergency grandson was in ICU and developed seizures right after birth, which were not detected by the nurse that was on, and my son noticed this and brought this to the nurses attention, and she said it was normal, until the next nurse took over on her shift, and my grandson was med-flight end to Woman and Infants neo-natal ICU for 2 weeks...He developed 25 blood clots on his little brain, and was told he may not walk...Thank God he is 5 and running now,,just got potty trained, he is so proud, and the blood clots have diminished ,from the MRI he had last year. Where the blood clots were, was the part of the brain that controls his speech and motor skills...He is not at all Autistic, understands everything, and can only say about 6 words...He goes to speech therapy twice a week and is in a special needs class in school, where he has speech everyday...I cry, when I think of what this little guy went thru, and my children..He had a seizure in May, and is on meds for that. His doctor calls it birth delays up to 2-3 yrs, with speech apraxia...thank you so very very much for replying back.....Cindi

Jodi - posted on 12/07/2013




More information? Sorry, I am not understanding the 3 year birth delayed thing.

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