My 5yr old's ADHD is about to take me out!!!!!!!

Nichole - posted on 09/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




He just started Kindergarten last month. I thought everything was going awesome. He came home, told me he loved school, loved his friends. Naturally, I was proud. I rewarded him, told him to keep up the good work etc. On the sixth day of school, his teacher called me to tell me she thought he was too immature for Kindergarten and that I had until September if I wanted to withdraw him from school.

It is now September and she still sends home little notes on his worksheets stating how he refuses to follow directions and do his work with the rest of the class. He disrespects me and my husband, whom is his step father, disrespects his teachers, grandparents, has excessive tantrums. He shhhes me when I try to explain anything to him. When I ask why he refuses to work, his answer is always "Because I don't want to".

I have tried strict parenting. As A child, spankings and lectures worked miracles on me and my siblings, but not so much for my son. I have tried a reward program. Example: If he had good behavior for 5days out of the week, he would get a dollar to spend at the Dollar Tree. Nope. That didn't work. I have taken away the things he cherishes most. Example: Cartoons. He cries and screams excessively.
I know I am supposed to ignore the tantrums, but he only grows louder. He makes me blindingly angry and when I calm down, I'm just depressed.
I feel like all I do anymore is punish him or scold him. I'm afraid of how this will effect our relationship when he's older. I want him to have memories of how fun mommy was, not how grumpy I was. It's exhausting me!!!!!!!! Everyday is a struggle. Especially when his teacher looks at me as if I let him run over me when that couldnt be more wrong.

Any mothers have the same situation?

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