My 6 and 1/2 year old wakes up every day wet

Christina - posted on 09/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I don't know what to do. I've tried everybody's tips. I've tried no drinking at least two hours before bed, I tried a reward chart,for the last month I tried putting her to bed in just underwear but every mourning she woke up wet and when the water bill came in I had to put her in pull-ups, washing her sheets is costing me too much.


Jodi - posted on 09/11/2011




OK, don't panic, for some children this is perfectly normal. My stepson was a bedwetter until just very recently (he is 12) and it was just that his brain lacked a certain hormone that would wake him up when he needed to pee and he was a heavy sleeper. Most kids will outgrow this on their own eventually.

In the meantime, have you taken her for a check up with her doctor, just to eliminate any medical reason she may be still wetting her bed? If you have already done this, there are also some options you can talk to her doctor about. There are bedwetting alarm systems available - here we can hire them from the local chemist. Not sure about where you live.

Also, do you know what time of night she is wetting? Leading up to bed time, make her go to the toilet every half hour. Some kids don't totally empty every time they go to the toilet (my step son was a classic for this one), so making them give it a try more frequently can help. Also, you should then go and check on her before you go to bed. See if she is still dry then, and have her go to the toilet again then. See if that helps :)

And be patient. If she isn't ready, nothing you do will make her dry. It may end up being something you just have to ride out, in which case, just stick with the pull ups until that happens.


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Katrina - posted on 09/11/2011




My almost 3 yo is completely dry, except for nights...the way my husband and I combat the issue, is to get her up at 11pm-ish (as we are going to bed). She goes to the toilet still asleep. Then we put her back in bed and she's right for the rest of the night.

Maybe this is something you can kids grow out of it at some point, we are not worried about continuing the wakeup for as long as we need. The main reason for this is because it doesn't disrupt our sleep etc. as we handle it as part of OUR bedtime routine.

Good luck :)

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