My 6 month old will not take the bottle. What should i do???


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Leah - posted on 02/19/2013




-I have been yrying to feed her from the bottle for a month and a haft.
-One bottle.
-No she is eatting food and me. But iam trying to go on the bottle cuse she some times she hruts me.
-and the diapers lots!!!!! LOL!! :)
-But when she is not crying and she is happy she will bite and a suck here and there of the bottle.

Liz - posted on 02/05/2013




Could you give a bit more information?

- How long has she been bottle fed for?
- Is this just one bottle on one day or something that has been going on for a while?
- Do you mean that she's basically not eating? If so, have you contacted her doctor?
- Have you changed anything?
- Is she still producing a good number of wet diapers?

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