My 6 year old continues to wet the bed and he is not growing out of it?

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Jodi - posted on 06/11/2009




My step son did this too... stop all of his is liquids 2 hrs before bed, make him pee before he gets in bed. Then wake him before you go to bed and make him go again, this will get him use to waking in the middle of the night on his own.

Brandi - posted on 06/11/2009




Go to the website You will find alot of help and tips there. Thats what I did because my son still has problems with bed wetting. He is almost 6.

[deleted account]

Is this happening every single night? Does he use the bed-wetting undergarments that are on the market? (I think they are called Good Nites-by Huggies?) Does he sleep through wetting the bed, or does he just not make it to the bathroom in time? Are you cutting off all liquids 1 hour before bedtime? It might be time to make a consultation appointment with a pediatric urologist. They can determine the root of the problem and provide key tips to help with bed-wetting. Good luck!

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