My 6 year old daughter is lying?

Jessica - posted on 03/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I went thru a divorce last year. My 6 year old is now lying about all kinds of things. She is pretty much telling people what they want to hear. She is lying to her dad about me drinking and smoking. I am a smoker, but I smoke outside away from her. She has been staying with her father and it has gotten worse. She told her teacher that I was leaving her alone (she says that because she is left alone in her room when in trouble), drinking and using drugs. Her grandmother (fathers mother) has taught her that cigarettes and alcohol are drugs which caused her teacher to contact cps. Case was closed however she is still telling her dad she is nevervous about coming to my home because of the smoking and drinking. There is no drinking in my home and I am unsure what to do about her lying? This last year has been hard on her with my divorce. i am just unsure of what direction to go with her. I want her to feel safe and happy but I feel like no matter what i am doing she is telling her dad and grandma lies. She has no structure or boundries there. They dont explain to her that lying is not ok. She is scared to tell me things as she is affraid to get in trouble. I have told her that she can always tell me the truth and I will help her thru it. I am just a very lost and confused mother.


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It sounds like she is attention seeking. I have no idea how to stop it, but just make sure you are giving her a lot of attention and love. Let her know how much this lying is hurting you, and explain what a lie is. I think maybe contacting a counselor who deals with divorced children in particular would help greatly.


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Connie - posted on 03/04/2012




well, it is not just her father and family teaching her that cigarettes are a drug, the school does the same thing. my husband used to get so mad about that before he quit. be sure you know the 7 year old is very easily lead. what i mean is she could make a simple comment and then someone else will start asking her leading questions... eventually they get to hear what they want because she wants to make people happy. on the other hand, she needs to know what a lie is and that how they affect people. she will adapt to living in 2 homes but you have to give her time. regardless of the rules at her dads home she is very capable of understanding their are different rules at each home. it would be so much easier if we could control all the things in their lives but we can't, so just do the best you can and make sure she knows you love her. good luck and God bless!

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