My 6 year old is having huge problem in reading and writing. Her writing is like spider crawling across the page her reading is terrible. She guess the word and does not read it. She learns a word and forgets a minute later and does not know what it is. The teacher has called us in to tell us she is not doing well. To be honest I am really worried. We live in france and the good thing she is fluent in French and English but so are other kids fluent in 2/3 language not having these problems. Can anyone help or suggest anything.Thanks


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Rebekah - posted on 12/20/2012




There can be a correlation between ADD/ADHD and poor fine motor control (which you'd see in handwriting). There can also be learning disabilities present with ADD. But before you leap to that conclusion, keep in mind that 6 year olds can have short attention spans anyway (especially if they are doing something that is hard for them), so you'd have to get a broader picture of how she does across the board with her attention. I don't know how the school system works in they have a school psychologist who can evaluate her behavior and learning capabilities? They would also be able to do an ADD screen if that is a serious question that you have. Do they have a reading specialist or OT services at the school to work with her a bit individually on her reading and writing?

Otherwise, I agree with Holly...keep reading, keep it fun...choose books that are in a high interest area for her.

Elizabeth - posted on 12/20/2012




Thankyou. Is it possible she could have ADD? She has such a such short attention span and flits from one thing to another in seconds.

Holly - posted on 12/20/2012




practice practice practice... read to her EVERYDAY.... have her write letters to family members and have her mail them... make it fun.

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