My 6 year old little girl has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder Oral Hypersensitivity) which in plain English means, she can't chew or swallow solids, she also is adverse to smells and tastes. My worry at the moment is that she has had a bad cold last week and this week she had fever, and a chesty cough. Brought her to the doc today and he gave her the all clear, her lungs were clear. Her cough should go in a week or so. What I forgot to mention and I hate myself for this, is that a couple of weeks ago she complained of a bad headache to the point of going to ly down and crying! I gave her some acetaminophen suppositories(she can't take any of the childrens Tylenols etc) and the headache went away. She got another one on Tuesday and one this evening Thursday. Am so worried. My 9 year old son also suffers from headaches Migrain and Ice pick headaches. I suffer from Migraines so the doctor did say that my son got it from me. My daughter has NEVER complained of a headache and these 3 episodes really worry me. I so HATE myself forgetting to mention the one thing that really worries me to the doctore today! Has anyone had any similar experiences?? Thanks


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Ros - posted on 09/27/2012




Thank you Katherine, unfortunately the Pediatrician's office won't take any phone calls of that nature, only to book appointments for vaccination shots. It's a very small clinic. They have a walk-in at 12pm-1pm everyday. So I will have to probably bring her back. I hate anything to do with headaches when it comes to children.

Thanks for your support!


Katherine - posted on 09/27/2012




Don't beat yourself up. Just call the office back, ask to speak to a nurse and ask for their opinion. That's what I do. Tell them what's been going on with your daughter, they may want to see her again.

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