My 6 year old son has pubic hair?

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This morning while my 6 year old son Asher and I were in the shower I noticed he has a few blonde pubic hairs above and around his penis and some on his balls. My husband Will says it is normal, but im not sure should I take him to his pediatrician? Does any other mom have this same problem?


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I believe they call this Precocious Puberty...

and yes, I would talk to his pediatrician, soon. There are a few issues that should be looked at if your son is properly diagnosed. He could have pituitary could affect his muscular and skeletal development.

I would call the pediatrician today.

Here's a good place to start reading...

Cynthia - posted on 06/10/2011




they are not mature pubic hairs. they are just hairs. every boy has them. at least all of my boys do.

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My son has a distorted pituatry gland due to a large cyst on the brain, this morning i noticed alot of blonde pubic hairs, i will b seeing our peadiatrcian asap.

Might be nothing but id rather know.

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Yes, take him to the pediatrician. Early puberty can be caused by a pituitary problem.

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Thank you so much for the information Ink, I will take him to the doctor right away.

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