my 6 year old son has started to mime instead of talk and I dont know what to do.

Katie - posted on 06/05/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 6 year old son is very stressed and has started to mime rather than talk to me and we both get upset because I cant understand him. has anybody got any ideas or has anyone else experienced this?


Cynthia - posted on 06/05/2011




yes it must be a stage. my son tried this on me he is also 6. finally i stopped trying to understand him. i told him to use words or do without. 2 days later he was talking again. just ignore him until he snaps out of it. its like a game and the longer u play along the harder it will be for the boy to remember that he can talk.

Amanda - posted on 06/05/2011




I guess it would depend on the type of stress he is experiencing as to what would help best. If possible, and if you don't already...make time at the end of the day that you can spend with just him to help wind down. Go back to a routine like you did when he was a baby. If it involves bath time, reading time, maybe a mini massage while you put lotion on, and time for the two of you to just talk, it might help him start opening up again. At first it might just be you asking him questions about his day with him shaking his head yes or no...or you just talking about your day. If he has started writing you could ask him to write what he needs or draw pictures too. Children who don't have a physical reason for not speaking will often choose one very trusted person that they will speak to, it might be a friend, sibling, or parent. Also, if he does start speaking to you, or another adult, make sure that you are completely non-judgemental. If he is fibbing about things, and you know that is the case, just brush it off, but don't tell him to stop or quit it, look at the fact that he is talking at all. It might also help to take him to a counselor or have family counseling.


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