my 6 year old son is behind in school and has a bad attitude about school

Wendy - posted on 01/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 6 year old son is behind in school, he cries in the morning and says he hates school, getting him to do homework is a huge ordeal. His teacher gives out so much homework, I can barely keep up(i am a single parent of two and work full time). Just to get one page of homework done takes an hour or more because he is being so difficult and stubborn, it seems like he has no interest whatsoever in learning any of it. Ive explained to him many times in many ways how important it is to learn to read and write. He wants to be an "army guy" and "firefighter", like many boys his age. Ive explained to him that he will not be able to be either of those things if he doesnt learn to read and write (among many other approaches) to get him to want to learn. Im very frustrated, im realizing that he may heave low self esteem and I am thinking about having him repeat 1st grade, but i am worried that might make his self esteem suffer even more or if it will help because he will be more ahead than behind if he repeats. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I remember loving school at that age, I feel that the teacher is giving out too much homework, he gets more homework than my middle schooler!

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