My 6 year old son is in kindergarten in a small town. He went to 4K last year throught the same system. He has been bullied on the bus by 3 girls since last year coming home and complaining to me almost daily. I complained to the school repeatedly and found out months later that they were still having him sit by these girls on the bus. He eventually snapped one day and hit one of the girls and got kicked off the bus and sent home to me. None of the girls got in trouble and had they moved him or them on the bus none of this would have happened. Now this year he is having problems with the same girl, (who he is still next to on the bus) and he comes home even crying sometimes. The principal is the same as the last school and every time I talk to her she assures me she will look into it but that these are good girls. That may be but why are they allowed to bully my child. He has also been knocked down on the playground and kicked in the stomache and I never heard anything back about that either. Don't know what to do, I feel like the principal favors girls. My daughter got into some trouble on the bus (she is only 4) and I found that out at conferences not by the principal. I don't know what to do.


Barbara - posted on 11/21/2013




That principal has a boss. I think it is time to communicate to a much wider circle on this issue.

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