My 6-year-old stepdaugher is constantly mouthy to me, gets downright nasty and is hatefull. Her father and I have grounded her sooooo many times for her behavior, but it seems to have no effect. She doesn't even attempt to speak to him the way she does me. Her mother and grandmother both are bad influences on her and I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Help!


Jodi - posted on 10/27/2012




She is getting exactly what she is after - your reaction and negative attention. Have you considered ways in which you can show that she isn't pushing your buttons? Of course, it depends on what she is doing, but often children like to push buttons and if you are giving her the exact reaction she KNOWS she is going to get, then she IS winning the battle for control. Instead, reward her for the times she IS being nice to you, or is being helpful. Focus 100% on those, even if they are are few and far between. It's hard to advise how to do this when I am not sure of exact examples of what she is doing.

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