My 6 year olds dad left when she was 3 months old, hes come back..

Gillian - posted on 06/29/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help!! I need some advice or any helpful hints!!

My daughters father left when she was 3 months old, hes now come back. She has no idea who he is and calls my boyfriend of over 3 years daddy now. Its court ordered now bio dad gets visits... I have NO idea about how to "intoduce" them... do I say hes her dad first before hand? Do they meet form a bond and then toss it out? Hes now married and has a new baby, so then theres that aspect... im absolutely clueless as to how I go about this ... im trying to save her little heart any hurt and this is so scary!! Please if anyone has any tips, or advice it is greatly appreciated! Thank u!


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Ev - posted on 06/30/2016




I agree with Jodi on this. You should have told her about her bio father from the start. He does have a right to get to know her and be part of her life. Your BF can still be a daddy figure for her since he has been there so long. But the boundaries need to be set as to who is who so she is not confused as she grows up. You should have set up custody, visitation and child support a long time ago and you would not have gone through this mess.

Jodi - posted on 06/29/2016




Well, firstly, you should always have been honest with your daughter about who her father was. And this is why. Now you have no choice but to tell her. I would explain to her that before you were with your boyfriend, you were with another man and that other man is her father, but that doesn't mean your boyfriend can't be a daddy to her too, and that your boyfriend loves her very much. Tell her before she meets her father. ANd let her know that her father wants to get to know her.

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