My 6 years old rubs her private parts and has been doing it since when she was 5, I need some suggestions and advice. When asked she says she enjoys it as it tickles.


Wendy - posted on 04/02/2014




perfectly normal, she does not know the connection to sexual her it just feels nice......I used to just say to my girls, we don't do that in public, only in private in our own shame......tell her, her room is her private place to do that if wishes............also make sure to explain to her that nobody touches her body but her and all that stuff if you haven't already......


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Nazia - posted on 04/02/2014




Thanks Wendy, This certainly helped me, I had a little chat with my girl and told her to just refrain doing it in public and in her private time if she feels like it she may. I could see her get into a very comfortable zone, as she was surprised to hear that from me. I guess now that i am not restricting her, she might even just stop it. I just made her feel comfortable and i feel great about it. Thank you for the quick tip :)

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