my 6yr old daughter has been very emotional the past month, she cries everyday and at bed time. she says she doesnt know why. she says she feels left out with her friends at school and wants all my attention. Sometimes I feel like shes trying to control my every move. I feel like she worries about stuff that most kids her age shouldnt. is this normal or could she have anxiety already? I get upset after i put her to bed at night because I feel like im not being a good mom since shes this


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Amy - posted on 12/16/2012




It is possible for her to have anxieties even at 6. My sons pediatrician just referred me to a child psychologist because he had been having some separation anxieties with going to school and leaving us that have lasted a couple of months. My son also stresses and worries about things most kids don't worry about, we try to keep the lines of communication open so he can express his concerns with us.

I would also reach out to her teacher and see if there is a change recently at school. It could be she's having some difficulties with a classmate or maybe the teacher has noticed a change in behavior at school. Your teacher would probably be the best source, if you don't get anywhere with the teacher reach out to the school psychologists. They can talk to your daughter to find out why she's so upset and crying, hopefully she'll be honest with them, my son lied to our the second time he talked to her and said everything was great when it wasn't.

Ashley - posted on 12/16/2012




sorry, i thought you said 16, not 6. just try giving her more attention. maybe she is getting picked on at school. talk to her teachers, and maybe get the school counselor to talk to her.

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