My 6yr old is completely out of control! I need HELP!!

Marisabel - posted on 09/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm in DESPERATE need of HELP! my soon to be 6yr old son is completely out of control....& getting worse and worse everyday. I feel like I've tried everything time-outs, lost of privileges, spanking, behavior charts, counseling... everything and nothing seems to work with him. He refuses to listen to me or his step-dad. If he doesn't get his way he literally cries and screams for hours he kicks, punches and yells to me. Just the other day he got upset because i wouldn't let him have cereal at 4pm, so he started yelling at me "I hate you", "your a bad mom", "I don't love you anymore", then he opened the front door and stormed away yelling like crazy ....all those words just tore me apart, i don't know what else to do with him.I'm afraid that one day someone is going to think that i'm physically abusing him or mistreating him, especially because we live in an apartment complex. I'm afraid he's going to go the wrong direction as he gets older, I feel like this is emotionally overwhelming me and my husband. I feel stressed, depressed, anxious, and very tense and nervous at times. I don't want for my 2 younger boys (3 yrs & 17 months) to follow his tantrums and behavior, how can I make this stressful situation better? How can I help my 6yr old son?


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Hiya,firstly it wasn't that long ago I was sum what in your shoes my son who was the same age as yours at the time was totally disrespectful n hurtful towards me would say the most hurtful things to me if he didn't get his own way or even if I said anything he didn't like!eg,mum your a stupid idiot,I hate you,you don't love me etc.....when I fell pregnant with my partner I really started to worry how I was going to cope with my sons time consuming hurtful behaviour +another child as even had me considering termination at one point!(I'm sooooooo glad I didn't)his behaviour worried me so much that I rang social services and told them my problems and if they could point me in the rite direction to where to get help dealing and correcting this behaviour ............that was the phone call that changed my life!the kind lady on the phone referred me to what they call a home support worker that came out to my house about 3 times a week at first,she was lovely,very down to earth and very understanding,she got to no our family my sons personality and how our life's rolled,she then drew up a plan of action of disapline for me to enforce with my son and she basically taught me a lot of tools and techniques to handle stressful and challenging behaviour also she showed me how and when to praise when to ignore n when to take action.she was in my life around 2 months but her input still remains in my house,my son now has disapline and conceqwesnces for bad behaviour and praise for good behaviour with the occasional small treat,the difference in his behaviour imparted with 2 years ago is all areas of his,school,respect for me and adults,a lot of people think social services are around just to protect abused children,that's not at all the case they have lots of services to help parents especially those in need of parental advice....give it a try it might just work for u,Gud luck with whoever u do :-)

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