My 6yr old is is in 1st grade this year and hes starting to pick up a lot of bad habits hes learning from other children in his class, Its blowing me away at what kids know at such a young age. My son is a great kid he doesnt curse hes very respect and so smart So now that hes learning all these bad words and asking about the middle finger is really making me sad parents im at a lose for words I continue to tell him its not nice to say those words or do the finger to people because it does hurt there feelings. I told the teacher and the childs parent but I guess my son is testing the waters and trying to push me to see how far he can go. Also his behavior is changing as well hes starting to talk back and just not listen. Hes my 1st born so parents what advice can you give me? Is it normal for a 6 yr old to be learning these things so early in age and so early in the school world?


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Faye - posted on 10/15/2012




I had a friend who decided to head the bad words off at the beginning of school, 1st/2nd grade. As part of that week's spelling words he would throw in a bad word, and made sure they knew the spelling AND the definition. He has yet to have any problems with his kids using the words. It worked for his family.

Katherine - posted on 10/15/2012




My daughter did. I told her is was inappropriate and that was the end of that. There was a boy in her class calling her names and one of them, P*****, was unfamiliar to her of course. I told her it was a bad word and that it hurts people's feelings. I e-mailed her teacher right away and she took care of it. That kid was such a bully. At that age they do try to push limits. My daughter JUST turned 7. It get's worse......sorry.

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