My 6yr. old son is into some girl things like Hello Kitty .....what do I say if he gets picked on for this

Jennifer - posted on 03/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 6yr. old son likes some girl items and some boy items and I have always taken the attitude of he can play with any toy if he likes it and it makes him happy I sincerely have no type of judgement regarding this issue however he wants to buy a purse and go out in public like the mall and such and I know kids more than likely will pick on him for this so how do I deal with this? what should I say to him if he is picked on for liking "girly" things. Should I try and somehow prevent him from taking "girly" items out in public? And if so what would I say to him because he has always felt comfortable expressing his desire to play with things that are typically geared towards girls because I consistently tell him if a toy makes him happy then he should play with it so he truly knows that I pass no judgement on things geared towards either gender so I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I told him to not bring girlish items out with him because its "girly".


Alisha - posted on 03/29/2012




well that is a pretty tough one but i think the stuck part is how society works girls can play with trucks and mud but boys can only play with G.I Joe and what not if it truly does make him happy let him play with it stick with what you have taught him cause if you start changing your opinion on it it could confuse him. IF people have a problem with it it is their problem not yours he his YOUR son not theirs stick to your guns and if a problem arises follow your gut with it normally leads a person in the right direction. sometimes boys like girly things cause they are learning who they are personalty wise shoot my husband can paint nails and can sow better then me as well :) nothing wrong with him liking hello kitty in other countries such as japan guys like hello kitty they also wear hello kitty merchandise so if you want you can say he is learning about different Cultures :)

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I think that maybe the decision should be left up to him. If he wants to take his purse out in public, and he IS picked on for it, then you can sit down with him and talk about how a lot of people expect boys to only play with traditionally "boys" stuff, and how it's really not fair. And that if he doesn't want to take his purse out in public, you'll understand, but if he DOES, you support him 100% and will back him up.


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Jennifer - posted on 03/29/2012




Thank you ladies for your help on this subject matter I am truly baffled on how to handle this whole subject. I have always thought like what you said Alisha that children naturally are curious about all types of things geared towards girls and boys in no way at all do I pass judgement in anything he likes as long if it makes him happy. I am just trying so hard to protect him but in the end I am going to have to explain to him what could happen if he takes Hello Kitty items out in public and that dad and me are completely fine with whatever toys he likes but their are people out there that think differently than mom and dad and can be not as kind and even downright mean about the toys he likes and with that being said to him I will ask him if he still wants to take it out with us daddy and I are fine with it so at least he is making an informed choice, I know he is only 6 but he deserves honesty from his parents and I will tell him that we support him either way and we love him.

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