My 6yr old son jus started sleeping in his own room on a reg basis..I'm somehow feeling lonely.. is that normal?


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Rasheeda - posted on 12/29/2014




Thanks Charlotte I appreciate your response...I am proud and feeling better about it
I have realized that is not my problem but instead my other half which is my son father who has not slept with me in.. I cant remember. When my son started sleeping in his room I just felt empty . See I am 30 years younger and I am thinking its time I move on. There is definitely no longer a spark. So Kudos to my son!!!!! and I think Im going to enjoy circle of moms first time responding back to another mother, I appreciate you taking the time.

Thank You

Mommabird - posted on 12/23/2014




Whether its normal or not, its not a crime :)
My son slept with me for a while when my husband and I separated and it was hard to get him to sleep in his room again when we got back together. He's 4 and my husband works nights(5pm-5am) and he does fall asleep in our bed with me occasionally and I let him because it not only gives HIM comfort, it gives ME comfort too :)
He's being a big boy and sleeping in his own room and you should be proud, not sad.

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