My 7 Month old baby is not having any food

Geeta R - posted on 01/02/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 7 Month old baby denies to have any solid food such as cerelac, grinded apple, dal etc. She just have breastmilk. I had introduced her solid food after 6 months. earlier she used to have cerealc, apple puree, dal etc. but suddenly since last 2 days she had stopped having any food. pls recommend............


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Ev - posted on 01/02/2014




Your baby does not sound ready to eat things and grinding foods is dangerous as found ground up still has larger chunks than she is ready for. You need to be trying very purred foods like fruits and rice cereals. Do not force the issue. Just let her taste it and try the texture. It could lead to her having texture issues if you force it.

Jodi - posted on 01/02/2014




She might just not be ready yet - not all babies are at this age. There is no harm in giving it a rest and trying again in a couple of weeks. My daughter didn't really eat solid foods until she was about 8 months because she just had no interest. She then spent very little time on purees and went on to soft finger foods.

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