My 7 month old daughter WILL NOT eat anything but her bottle. I have tried every flavor of stage 2 fruits and veggies and she locks her lips and if I do get it in she gags or spits it right back out. I have also tried oatmeal out of a bowl. I thought it was the spoon so I gave her finger foods like puffs and cherrios...still not interested. She is advanced in everything she does like shes already starting to take steps and it's stressing me out that I feel like she is behind on eating solids. What can I do?!?! Help!!


Jodi - posted on 07/16/2012




Maybe she isn't ready yet? It has nothing to do with her other abilities (walking is a motor skill, eating isn't). My daughter wasn't interested in solids until she was about 8 or 9 months, but she was walking at that age too, and was pretty on target with other milestones, so it is irrelevant. Solids before 12 months old is really only for practice. I would suggest you calm down and stop pushing it for a week or two, then offer her something again, and take it from there. As long as she is getting plenty of milk (you didn't mention if she was breastfed or formula fed), she will be fine.

Just remember, milestones are only approximates and every child is different. Don't stress over it.

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