My 7 month old doesn't want to breastfeed much since starting solids.

Marie - posted on 10/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 7 month old isn't interested in breastfeeding or even drinking breast milk from a bottle much anymore since starting solids. My milk supply is diminishing as a result. I am only pumping like 2 ounces every 4-5 hours. I have read that most babies at this age should be getting 40oz. of milk daily and he may only get 15-20 plus solids. Any advice would be great. Thanks.


Rachel - posted on 10/30/2012




Time tables are an outline - each child is different. My daughter will be 8-months-old this week and she is eating two four-ounce jars of baby food a day (we do fruit in the morning and vegetables in the evening) mixed with a little rice cereal. We did not push this on her. She took a great interest in smells and noticed when we ate. She LOVES solids. We really only give her the bottle when she wants to sleep as she is a very go-go-go kinda girl. (She has maybe three eight-ounce bottles a day.) We give her fruit juice watered down (1 ounce of juice to 1 ounce of water) out of a sippy cup (we do not usually exceed four ounces of that mix per day). She is not obese, slow, etc. Every doctor/nurse that has seen her since she was three months old is baffled at how advanced/intrigued she is by everything.

On the note of diminishing supply: mine dried up when she was only two months old and that was with pumping and breastfeeding. Sometimes it just happens. She has done great with formula. I know nothing can perfectly mimic breast milk, but goat milk recipes come very close. We had to use Elecare (hypoallergenic formula) as my daughter is terribly allergic to regular formula. Don't feel bad if your child wants to turn to solids - it certainly isn't a bad thing. Do keep an eye on calcium content in baby food (it is usually less the 4% in a four ounce jar) and try to supplement with formula/breast milk.


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