My 7 month old has a fever of 101.6...ER visit???


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Jodi - posted on 12/06/2014




This is not even a fever you should be treating with paracetamol, but rather, one you should allow to run its course. Fevers are a necessary part of allowing our immune systems to operate effectively to fight infection. Temperatures between 100 and 102 F (38 - 39 C) are considered optimum for the immune system. Without those temperatures, the immune system is less effective. Recommendations now that the scientific community has more information on how our immune system works are NOT to treat those low grade fevers with medication. However, if the fever has been constant for a few days, you should consider seeing a doctor.

Carolina - posted on 12/05/2014




My doctor told me to only take her to the ER if her fever ever got to 104 or above.
We gave her Tylenol (every 4-6hours) and alternated that with Advil (every 6-8hrs). She was running a temp of 103. Her fever broke shortly after 1am.
Good luck!
Call the nurses hotline if you are worried and really don't know what to do. Keeping them comfortable and hydrated is key though. So make sure you have water, juice or fruits with high water content at hand (watermelons is great for this reason)

Michelle - posted on 12/05/2014




Have you tried medication and other things to get her temp down first?
If not try paracetamol and a damp cloth on her head and back of neck.

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