my 7 month old wont eat pureed meat

Laura - posted on 03/26/2010 ( 19 moms have responded )




i have been feeding my son homemade pureed fruit and veggies since he was 6 months.. a few nights ago i decided to make him pureed chicken breast and rice.. he didnt like it all. is this normal?should i wait a bit to try again?


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Right now he's just learning what food is all about. Don't sweat it if he turns away from something the first time... no big deal. His nutrition isn't provided by solid food yet. When he's a little older he is going to start his independent thing and not want your spoon at all. Try the chicken again then. My boy prefers it shredded into strings rather than liquified. He formed the opinion a few months ago that pureed food sucks. He used to scarf down carrots, sweet potatoes... everything I put in front of him. When he learned what picking up his own food was like, there was no going back. Now everything has to be finger food, you really have to bribe him with something wonderful for it to be on a spoon.

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I am a vegetarian, and have done alot of research on when and if it is necessary to feed young children meat...I have actually found out children do not start digesting meat properly until they are older than 2 years old. There are plenty of other ways for them to get protein. Hope that helped.

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In saying that as long as they are getting enoughgreen leafy veges then they are getting enough iron to so if he still doesnt like the meat and your worried try uping the green leafy foods like spinach.


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Heather - posted on 03/18/2014




Maybe its the brand. My child HATED all forms of gerber and beechnut meats. However, he tolerated Earth's Best meat mixes pretty well. I tried gerber and beechnut myself. Y-U-C-K. If YOU don't like it why would your baby?? Earth's best, when I tasted it, was at least tolerable. Wasn't so nasty and strong meat tasting.

Joanna - posted on 03/28/2010




it's pretty normal... my daughter didn't like meat until she was older, maybe 10-11 months, and that's after trying to feed it to her about 20 times.

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my 17mnth old hates pureed meat. i just waited until he was old enough to learn how to chew properly and now i give him little chunks of cooked meat for him to chew on and he loves it. just think... would you like to be eating pureed meat? i know i wouldnt.

September - posted on 03/26/2010




You could try mixing in a bit of pureed fruit or you could try offering it in really small bite size pieces. Our son ate pureed foods as well but when it was time to introduce meats he was eating them in small bit size pieces, even with just two teeth :) Good luck!

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I feed my son pureed chicken, as our health nurse advised me to start him on meat, and he didn't like the mealy texture. So I started mixing it with some applesauce to get him used to it, and now he loves his chicken. Sometimes I mix it with pear, sometimes peaches, sometimes squash -- any fruit or veg that is very liquid in texture will help take that mealiness away.

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I'd say just keep trying. I waited until about 8 months to offer meats because my son was still spitting up and that smell was horrible. He still doesn't have meats that often (he is 9 months). But now he does finger foods so if I give him meat it will just be in pieces that he can feed himself.

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I wouldn't want to eat pureed meat either, lol.

Why not just give him a drumstick to gnaw on? Or flake up some fish, or a strip of steak to hold in one hand and suck on the other?

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My daughter never liked pureed meats, and I can't say that I can blame her! :-)
She didn't really get into eating meat until she was at least a year old. Then it was meat cut into pieces, not pureed.

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When my son started eating jar food, I wasn't really big on feeding him the meats bc I just thought it was weird, but I would feed him the jarred meats, & mix it with a fruit or veggie. I'd dip a little fruit or veggie on the spoon, then dip a little meat on it, & feed it to him that way. He didn't have a problem it. Good luck!

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Try pureeing it and then put it in ice cube trays and freeze for a later use. My children loved when I would do this for them with what we had for dinner.

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well with our little boy we found he like 'ella's kitchen' baby food (pureed furit and veg) but when it came to eating meat he just didnt like it, we have tried to get him to try everything possible, but he still doesnt like it he is two years old now and still doesnt eat meat, we done find it too much of a prblen as he really likes fish, so he will get most of his protein from that.

just keep trying but he may just not like it. good luck x

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Can you just give him the meat cooked in decent sizes so he can feed himself. We did that with my daughter from 6.5 months and she eats all the meats we are eating now, and has been since 7 months. Good luck with it :)

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Yep, Kids of this age primary nutritional source is milk - preferably breastmilk but formula if you were not able to. I was a breastfeeding cousellor for 9 years and can say from experience that most children only have very small amouts of solids at this age. Also they can have finger food. Personally, my kids never had pureed foods. They started solids at 6 months and a week or 2 and had mashed banana, then added avacardo, then cut and apple in half and scrapped the apple with a spoon. By 7 months they had only about 7 or 8 foods that were given in various combinations. Do not panic. Take it slowly...1 new food every 3 - 4 days. They have a life time of trying new foods.

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Neither of my children ate much meat when they were babies and it purely cause they didnt like the texture or taste of it pureed no matter how i cooked it. they still dont eat to much meat now cause they find it hard to chew so we live on sausages and chicken as steak is to much for them. But keep trying cause they say it takes a child 10 tmes of trying something before you know if they like it or not.

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did you puree the chicken when it was cooked??, only it takes on a powdery texture and is not nice as a new experience, try puree the raw chicken to a paste consistency then cook it and then puree again with the veg this makes a smoother experience!!!!, also try sausage meat my son woolfed this down.

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