My 7 year old boy!

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Hello there!
So my 7yr old boy sometimes talks like a baby, he doesn't do it all the time and when he does I tell him that I don't understand his baby talk, to speak like a big boy that he is and he usually corrects it, so I didn't think I was such a big deal. However yesterday I spoke with his teacher and she mentioned that he at times talks like a baby and she tells him the same thing, she also mentioned he does not complete his work and has a hard time focusing(he sits in the front row) and he still turns to talk and distract others..,, his grades are still good tho, usually 90-100% on his test scores.
His father and I are not together, my son is with me 75% of the time and he blames me of course for the baby talk and anything that goes wrong because I " baby him "
I don't think I baby him and most definitely do not give in to the baby talk. Does anyone else have this problem with their 7 year old boy?


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This just sounds like normal kid stuff. Kids play around with speech and language. They act silly. They pretend to be things they aren't. They get distracted.

The baby talk would be a problem if he wouldn't stop, and if it was actually getting in the way of his ability to communicate with people. It's very unlikely that "babying" him has caused to him to play around with baby talk. If people spoke to him using baby talk all the time maybe... but I really just think he's goofing around.

Usually when kids are babied to an extent that it becomes an issue they start refusing to do things for themselves that they should be able to do. If your son was being coddled excessively you'd be more likely to see it show up as a gross lack of independence on his part.

As for school, if he's getting 90s and 100s while he's not finishing he's work, being silly and talking like a baby, and turning around and talking to other kids, my thought would be that he finds it difficult to focus on the work because it's not challenging or interesting.

I would continue to remind him to speak properly. Sometimes I'll tell our kids to speak properly or that I don't understand, and other times I'll say "that voice is for playing and this isn't a time to play". Just keep reminding him.

Definitely talk to your son about school. Ask for his assessment of the situation. Ask him if he ever talks to kids when he is supposed to be working, or if there are times that he doesn't finish his work. See if his story matches what the teacher said. I'm not doubting the teacher, but you need to figure out how conscious your son is of what he's doing. If he admits to any of these problems ask him if he knows why and what he thinks might help. Ask him if he thinks he can try harder to finish his work.

After talking to your son you might have more insight to offer the teacher, and it might be useful to have a proper meeting with her about his behaviour at school.

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