My 7 year old daughter has adhd/odd, we will be starting her on meds soon, are certain meds better for the odd too?


Lora - posted on 05/20/2014




I have struggled with adhd/add depending on what dr u ask. I was on meds for a while and the last one gave me pancreatitis! ! Just be careful. I started taking a natural "medication" called Kratom. It is amazing. Works as good as prescription meds. Granted I am an adult and I can make those decisions for myself. But after being hooked on pharmaceuticals and being depressed about it and then ending up in the hospital. I couldn't take it anymore. I found some online and I haven't looked back. Got rid of my acute pancreatitis before it became chronic. Kratom might not be for everyone but it's worth some research. Also people will say well what if it's habit forming?! Um have u read the side effects of methamphetamines and antidepressant? I'm glad u are getting your child help. Just make sure she/he knows it's ok to need meds. Some people like diabetics need meds for ever. Just don't think so far into the future and try to fix now. That might help with the anxiety a little

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